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Les Misérables – The Musical

 I was having a discussion with a friend this morning, who is very excited about the Christmas release of the movie Les Misérables.  I do believe that this is her favorite show so I decided to have a closer look.

I am going to London again in December so I looked for tickets.  They are certainly not cheap, most are priced at £45 or £65, but I managed to buy an unrestricted £35 ticket on the first row of the Upper Circle.  I know it will not be the best seat in the house and most likely to be high up, but, this will be my first trip to a West End Musical and I did not wish to spend a huge amount of money on something I may not enjoy.

So now I have 3 “arty” events booked for December, 2 ballets at the Royal Opera House and now a Musical in the West End.  I have still enough time to go back to visit the National Gallery so I shall not be booking any further shows etc.
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Manchester Buy Art Fair 2012

I came across an advert for this Art Fair next week and thought it a good idea to spread the word.

The main website is here  Tickets are free.

The price of art ranges from around £50 up to £5000 so it is affordable to most.  Even if you do not purchase anything there are running a range of talks to help you expand your art horizons.

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The National Gallery & The Hunterian Museum – London

Once again I am off on my travels at the weekend, this time visiting the capital.

My first stop will be The Hunterian Musuem which is located within the Royal College of Surgeons in Lincoln’s Inn Field.  Anything that explores the human body has my full attention as, like it or not, it is all relevant to us.  I am looking forward to viewing their collection and the current exhibition Anatomy of an Athlete.  I will then be moving on to The National Gallery.

I have been here before a few years ago with my Mum and my one lasting memory is sitting in front of Monet’s Japanese Bridge and thinking that it was the most beautiful painting ever.  I have since then viewed quite a few other paintings but I am still looking forward to viewing this masterpiece again.

I have quite a few hours to look around so I have decided that I will hire an Audio Guide for £3.50.  Another way to learn about a painting is to hear the experts talk about it so I am sure it will be well worth the money.

As usual, I will post a short report and photos once I am home for you all to enjoy.

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RAF Orchestra @ Bridgewater Hall

Now that I am back home for an extended period of time (no tennis to dash off to) I decided to have a look at the upcoming concerts at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The RAF in Concert seem to continue the spirit of Britain that has been flying high this summer so I thought it would be worth a look.  I am going to presume that it will be very similar to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic concert I went to at the Preston Guild Hall when I watched a tribute to John Williams (please see my Review here).

The concert is not until October but it is almost sold out which is a good sign.  I’ll write a review once I get back from the concert.

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My Recent Adventures

I have been a busy bee recently. Films past & present as well as an Orchestra have been appreciated.

Tatsumi was a film following the career of renowned Japanese cartoon artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi

I found this to be very informative regarding the creation of “adult comics” in Japan. Artists found that their material was not deemed suitable for the main audience, i.e children. This new genre was called Manga.

I took another trip to Bridgewater Hall and watched The Halle Orchestera again. As per the other time I have watched this Orchestra it was a wonderful performance. I decided to try the “cheap seats” in the Gallery this time and found them to be the best seats so far. I shall certainly book seats there again.

Lots of films watched recently:

Les Diaboliques – Great film with a fantastic twist
Thes Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Hilarious old folk
Four Lions – How not to be a terrorist
Disturbia – How to spy on your murderous neighbour
Cell 211 – A guard caught up in a riot
Tell No One – What happens when your dead Wife appears online
Picnic At Hanging Rock – Very strange bunch of schoolgirls
The Most Dangerous Game – You will be thankful not to be on this island
Repulsion – Crazy woman
Rampart – Very naughty policeman
Roman Holiday – Lovely feel-good film of a wonderful city
Raiders of The Lost Ark – Timeless classic
The Infidel – A Jewish Muslim
Midnight Cowboy – Bloody fantastic film
Howl’s Moving Castle – Animated fun
Pather Panchali – A real look at rural Indian life

Lots more planned over the coming weeks

Oboe Concerto by the Berliner Philharmoniker. I am watching this concert as part of the Odeon Plus Culture

Arrugas, a Spanish animated film following two men in an old people home.

Another trip to the RNCM to watch the group Portico Quartet

The week will finish with La Caza at Cornerhouse.

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