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I really need to make more of an effort; I now have so much to tell you about. I’ve been very lucky to watch some wonderful performances over the past 3 months so I will get straight into my review.

I always like to support amateur artists; the dedication they give to their art is truly incredible. Lakeshore Players are one such group of people and I was delighted to watch their production of Sabrina Fair. Whilst I have heard of the play I have not watched its more famous adaptation, the film. This will soon be rectified as it is waiting for me to watch on my PVR. As for the Lakeshore Players take on the story, it was a hoot. Each performer was excellent and I really did have a great evening. It always amazes me how community theatres can put together such wonderful sets and in a small space such as the stage. Everyone involved with this production did a great job. I sadly missed their next play but I will certainly be back for more.

I moved on from community theatre to those studying Creative & Applied Arts in school. Dawson College in Downtown Montreal was where I went to have A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I must admit, I did not know before the performance that it would be an original dialogue production so it took me a while to understand the Shakespearean language and to my eternal shame, I did not know this story. I got there in the end though and had a blast. Again, the sets were truly marvelous and the whole production crew deserve credit for such a visually memorable show. There are a few more performances in the coming weeks so I will hopefully get back to see them again.

My next night of entertainment came from the Middle East. I am very active in the fight for Palestine and El-Funoun, a colourful dance troupe from the region provided me with a taste of this historical land. To be able to watch such a high-energy group of people was truly inspiring. The itinerary included dances relating to Palestinian folklore, resilience and love. All this came together to produce a marvelous show that will stay with me for a long time.  Here is a little taste of their show:

Another review to follow soon 🙂

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