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Music To My Ears

on June 4, 2015

I am going to use this post to wrap up all the wonderful music I have been fortunate to witness from a few Orchestras and musicians based in Montreal (Met and Montreal orchestra post is here. The city is truly blessed with musical talent and here is what I have to share.

Christmas time is always a wonderful opportunity to get out and listen to some great live music and the run-up to Christmas 2014 was certainly no exception.

My first concert combined great music with the giving spirit of the season. The Lakeshore Concert Band held their Christmas Dessert Concert, which was a chance for those attending to support a local food bank and help those in need. I went to the store and stocked up on items that were requested and off I went with my box full of food. I was fortunate to sit next to the Wife of one of the musicians and she told me about how often they practice etc. As with when I have been to amateur theatre, the level of commitment shown by these people is nothing short of remarkable and they deserve every accolade put their way. The concert itself was a jolly affair with festive tunes that was topped off with a good old sing-a-long of Christmas Carols.

Baroque Christmas Around the World was the title of my next festival concert and it was simply amazing. I had never heard Baroque music before this evening and it showed me what I have been missing out on, the sound was just magical. What made it even more spectacular was the guest Soprano, Dawn Bailey. Her entrance into the church was stunning. I think everyone in the audience expected Dawn to arrive on the stage where the musicians were playing, instead she used the Church setup to her advantage. She began to sing behind the audience on the organ balcony. As her voice filled the Church she made her way down the stairs, then the aisle and onto the stage. Another guest joined the group for a later piece but I forget his name now. He was a young Iranian man who grew up here in Canada. He played a Persian drum; again I sadly forget the name and as with everyone else involved in this concert, he was marvelous. The name of the group is Ensemble Caprice and I will hopefully see them again one day.

Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire is my final location for this post. They host a wide variety of free concerts on a Sunday afternoon and I have the pleasure to share with you two recitals from November and February.

The last pieces of chamber music for clarinet and piano composed by Brahms was the delight that awaited me on a cold Sunday afternoon after work. Michael Westwood (Clarinet) and Gregory Millar (Piano) provided the entertainment as they played 3 pieces of music and shared their love knowledge and passion for these works. The next concert in February was by a very talented young man called Carl-Matthew Neher. This has been my favourite concert at Stewart Hall by far. Not only is Neher a very talented young man he also is a very good teacher. His pupils that day were the audience. The title of the concert was La Musique de l’eau (Water Music) and he took a great amount of time to explain (with short examples) of how the connection between water and music was represented in the pieces. I am not very talented when it comes to the actual construction of music, I go by what my ears enjoy so I felt I learnt a lot during the 2 hours and I am grateful to Carl-Matthew for giving the time to explain.


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