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Contemporary Art Museum of Montréal

on October 10, 2014

From theatre to music to art, my next venture in Montreal took me to the Contemporary Art Museum.

I will freely admit from the start; I am not the greatest fan of what passes for Art these days. Contemporary is not something I usually fall over myself to go and see whether it be art or dance. People like Emin etc do nothing but make me want smash up their so-called “art” I guess that is what makes Art unique, it is so subjective, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

All that said I actually enjoyed the few hours I spent at the Gallery. I always want to say something insightful when I publish art that I find enjoyable but I can never find the right words to convey my feelings. Why do I like that piece but not another? Is it the colour, structure, how it makes me feel? It is at times like this when I really wish I were better at putting down on paper (or in this case typing) what it is that makes me stop, look intensely, steady my camera and capture the image for my collection.

But, the only way to improve is to keep trying so here goes. These are my personal highlights with a few words about what instantly springs into my mind when I look at the painting.



Colourful symmetry and perfect lines.  I like perfection.



Colourful asymmetry with uneven lines, complete opposite to the above and contradicts my normal feelings, yet I like it.



Reminds me a tree bark and I love trees and nature, the painting felt real and alive.



A patchwork quilt, something that makes me feel safe and warm.  Also reminded of the time at school when we knitted (or tried to) squares for blankets to be sent to Africa.  Gave me a sense of good.



A spider web, which some people think are a nuisance but I like.  I think spiders are amazing, a fine example of how a small creature can create an home and sustain themselves in the process.



The Moon is made of swiss cheese, a fine and happy memory from being a child.



What is not to like about a heart?  We all have one.  I particularly liked that it was a dark colour.  So often a heart is red but even here it gave off warmth.




Naked people lying down in the street.  Different shapes, sizes, sex and colour yet we are all the same, Human.



For me this was a powerful image about music today.  It is no longer what it was, it has evolved and I can’t say it is something I enjoy as much.  It is no longer about the lyrics or music but the image and persona.  The life seems to have melted away.




Marina, a lady who has been messing with the mind of Art for many years now.  In this piece she is naked, both of clothes and of life.



I have always enjoyed patterns and this installation created a random array of light that I found very calming.

And that concludes my visit to the Contemporary Art Museum.  A visit that, like the one I took to the Tate Modern in London, has helped me find some pieces to enjoy and gain a little bit more of an understanding into this Genre of Art.

Enjoy the photos and maybe take a visit to your local Contemporary Art Gallery.


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