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on July 20, 2014

Again, I am very sorry for neglecting this Blog since April.  The upside is that I have plenty to tell you about.

I’ll start at the Montréal Symphony Orchestra where Mr Clare & I spent an evening listening to:

BRAHMS, Academic Overture
BARTÓK, Viola Concerto
VIVIER, Zipangu
BRAHMS, Symphony No. 3

Our seats where up in the God’s but I prefer that when watching an Orchestra as the sound travels plus you can see each musician playing their part.  From the programme I really enjoyed the Brahms, who doesn’t? I was not keen on the Vivier, sorry it just sounded like noise with too much going on at once and was too long.  I enjoyed the Bartók piece though it was a tad too long.  There must be something about long pieces of music that I don’t enjoy!  All that said, it was an enjoyable evening out at the Orchestra and it was great to finally hear some live music again, you can’t beat it.

Next I was off to the cinema again to catch the encore screening of King Lear starring the marvellous Simon Russell Beale (great Podcast HERE with more HERE from National Theatre Live).  Wow, what a fantastic performance from everyone involved.  I actually think that my lack of Shakespeare knowledge is to my benefit when I go to watch these plays, as I have no spoilers, I felt the same way when I watched the equally fantastic Othello earlier this year (EDIT – I have looked through my Blog and cannot believe I have not told you about this!)  There were EPIC performances by Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear and whilst this particular production had a modern day setting it was nothing less than brilliant.  It was because of this performance that I went back to watch King Lear.  I can honestly say that both of these plays have made we make me want to read the works of Shakespeare in the future, alas, too much to read / watch, so little time, but I will get there one day.

Fast cars in Parc Jean-Drapeau can mean only one thing, Grand Prix time in Montréal. We have both been fans of F1 was years but never took the plunge and attended a race. Now that we have one literally on our doorstep it seemed rude not to go and check out the action. The ticket prices meant it was cheaper to buy a 3-day pass so we missed nothing. It was quite an experience to hear the roar of the engines (and this year they have been turned down), smell the burning rubber and see just how fast these cars move. The best view was from the back row of our Grandstand as we could stand up on the bench and see pretty much all the way down the back straight. We had to arrive at the circuit when the gates opened in order to get these seats as it was unreserved. This meant having to get out of bed very early though this was the only downside to the weekend. I managed to get quite a few photos and they can be viewed at my Flickr

I have a few Criterion reviews to write up on so I will now say Au Revoir from this Blog.


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